Kitchen Stand Mixers

Kitchen Stand Mixers


Kitchen Stand Mixers:
A Wonderful Integration Of Tenacity and Know-How

Take a consideration on following questions before purchasing a Kitchen Stand Mixer

1) Space for a kitchen stand mixer
A good mixer is heavy and large, difficult moving it around the kitchen. It needs at least a square foot of space on countertop.

2) Do I need to purchase a kitchen stand mixer?
Kitchen stand mixers are very attractive on countertop, being handy for certain kitchen tasks. A good hand mixer can’t replace them.

3) If having a kitchen stand mixer, would I use it, on average, more than once a week?
If you are a yearly baker, probably you don’t need a kitchen stand mixer. Consider your baking and cooking habits, and try to imagine how often you will use the kitchen stand mixer.

4) Will I use the kitchen stand mixer for anything other than baking?
This is where your decision-making process may split amongst the different brands and models. If you really want using the kitchen stand mixer for pasta-making, you need to consider the model with pasta press attachment. On the contrary, if your primary focus is bread, you might want to consider the model with more powerful and better-suited to kneading bread.

5) What shall be the budget for purchasing a kitchen stand mixer?
It comes to the time to decide the budget. The price of kitchen stand mixers ranges from HKD3,000 to exceeding HKD6,000, depending on the number of attachment included. If you plan using the kitchen stand mixer for bread, do not even think getting a lower-priced model.


Comparison Bosch MUMXL40G vs Kenwood Titanium Chef KMC015 vs KitchenAid Artisan Series 4.8L


Bosch MUMXL40G MaxxiMUM kitchen machine readmore_03_tparent30_twinkles
Kenwood Titanium Chef KMC015 readmore_03_tparent30_twinkles
KitchenAid Artisan Series 4.8 L Tilt-Head Stand Mixer readmore_03_tparent30_twinkles


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