Bosch MaxxiMUM XL40G

Bosch MaxxiMUM XL40G



  • Power: 1600 watts
  • Smart Dough Sensor: constant mixing speed at all times, even with heavy dough and large quantities, ensures fast and perfect results
  • 3D PlanetaryMixing: Fast and perfect mixing of all ingredients; planetary mixing system with a unique stirring movement in three diemensions 行星式全方位攪拌
  • 7 switch/ speed settings 速度選擇 (段): 7 段速度
  • Automatic cable rewind 電線自動倒帶

Frequency (Hz)     50/60 Hz
Plug type     Gardy plug w/ earthing
Voltage (V)     220-240 V

  • Included accessories   
    1 x lid   防濺蓋配備漏斗型特大食材添加口
    1 x continuous shredder    切絲刀片
    1 x stainless steel mixing bowl    5.4公升 不鏽鋼容器
    1 x filling aid    填充輔助器
    1 x metal kneading hook    麵糰鉤
    1 x glass blender attachment    1.75 公升玻璃攪拌器
    1 x reversible shredding disc    雙面切片刀片
    1 x food processor   食品處理機
    1 x grating disc medium-fine    磨碎刀片
    1 x beating whisk    打蛋器
    1 x Asia-vegetable-disc    亞洲菜刀片
    1 x Professional Supercut reversible disk
    1 x Professional flexi stirring whisk   矽膠貼邊攪拌槳

Number of output positions (Stck)     4 No.
Type of control devices     Not illuminated, ON / OFF switch
Dimensions of the product (mm)     308 x 338 x 369 mm 外型尺寸
Weight (kg)     12.700 kg
Material body     Metal   機身材質:金屬
Colour: grey     顏色: 雲石灰
Pulse function    防濺漸進式起動
Usable capacity (l)     1.25 l
Bowl max. dough content (kg)     4 kg

Made: Slovenia




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