Add new MCB to Main Switch Enclosure

Add new MCB to Main Switch Enclosure


Solution to overcome the difficulty in adding a MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker) for supplying power to a new Electric Oven without the add-on of RCCB (Residue Current Circuit Breaker)/RCD (Residue-current Device), the “Residual Current Operated Circuit Breakers”.


2, 3, 4 pole add-on block (RCD)



MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker)   hager_mcb_transp


Residual-current device     readmore_03_tparent30_twinkles


New Electric Oven to be installed

De’Longhi EO32602
SFORNATUTTO MAXI EO 32602   readmore_03_tparent30_twinkles

  • Fan oven power 烤箱功率 (W): 2000
  • Grill power 烤架功率 (W): 1200
  • Ultra convection 超级对流: ✓
  • Maximum input power 最大输入功率 (W): 2000
    Rotisserie spit for grilling up to 4Kg of meat
  • External dimensions (wxdxh) 外包装尺寸 (宽x长x高) (mm): 530x450x340 (20.8×17.7×13.3 inches)

De’Longhi SFORNATUTTO MIDI EO 2475   readmore_03_tparent30_twinkles

  • Fan oven power 烤箱功率 (W):    2000
  • Grill power 烤架功率 (W):    1200
  • Ultra convection 超级对流:    ✓
  • Maximum input power 最大输入功率 (W):    2000
    The cavity is coated with Durastone II enamel. This material is the more resistant than the regular non stick to scratches and high temperatures
  • External dimensions (wxdxh) 外包装尺寸 (宽x长x高) (mm):  520x450x315 (20.4×17.7×12.2 inches)


The main function of Residual Current Operated Circuit Breakers
1. To open a circuit automatically in the event of an earth leakage between phase and earth and/or neutral and earth, with effective protection against human contact to earth points.
2. Protection against Direct Contact of persons with live part.
3. Protection against Indirect Contact of persons with exposed conductive parts which have become live under fault conditions.

On plugging in or removing a plug from wall socket we may accidentally contact the live part.  In such circumstance the RCD will come into play protecting us from electric shock.


Steps to be performed:
1.  Add a MCB (15A Miniature Circuit Breaker) to the Main Switch Enclosure
2.  Install a cooker DP switch with neon
3.  Connect the electric oven direct to the cooker DP switch
4.  Connect the oven housing to the Earth of the Main Switch Enclosure.  This arrangement is to earth any leakage and/or static electricity.

Cooker DP switch with neon  dp_switch

DP = Double-pole

Double-pole switch
A switch which has two blades (and associated contacts) for opening or closing both sides of a circuit simultaneously.

To use the electric oven just switch on the cooker DP switch.  The chance of contacting the live part by us is completely avoided.


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