Installation of Artisan Mixer and Diamond Blender

Installation of Artisan Mixer and Diamond Blender



KitchenAid Artisan® 5-Quart Tilt-Head Stand Mixer


  • Beater Type                 Tilt-Head Beater
  • Bowl Capacity              5 Quarts
  • Number of Speed        10
  • Speed Control Type     Lever
  • Wattage                        200-400 Watts

Accessories included

  • Pouring Shield    pouring_shield_40_transp
  • Dough Hook C – Nylon Coated   dough_hook20_transp
  • Flat Beater – Nylon Coated   coated_flat_beater20_transp
  • Wire Whip – 6 Wire Whip   wire_whisk20


KitchenAid Diamond Blender

For detail   clickhere_black30



Machines Not in Operation


T-shape Column Fixture



The bench is illuminated with LED light on top as well as on the tempered glass top.  In ice crushing the Diamond Blender vibrates sideways.  The T-shape column fixture is for holding it rigidly in position during operation.  All electric cables are running in conduit providing a tidy outlook in the kitchen.


metal_bowel_whisk_shield_w_light_30metal_bowel_whisker_w_light_30glass_bowel_beater_w_light_30glass_bowel_dough_w_light_30 glass_bowel_whisk_w_light_30


Coffee Machine and Electric Oven

coffee_mc_n_oven_50 corner_50