Dehumidifier 抽濕機

Dehumidifier 除濕機/抽濕機


A dehumidifier is generally a household appliance which reduces the level of humidity in the air, usually for health or comfort reasons, or to eliminate musty odor. Large dehumidifiers are also used in commercial buildings such as indoor ice rinks to control the humidity level
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How Dehumidifiers Work (除濕機的工作原理)
Compressor-based dehumidifiers

Main components of a dehumidifier;
1. A Fan Compressor — This compresses and expands a refrigerant gas like freon to cool the dehumidifier’s coils.
2. A Reheater — This captures and collects heat that the cooling process generates.
3. Compressor cooling coils
4. A Reservoir


The working technology of a dehumidifier (除濕機的工作技術)
1. The fan collects humid air from the room and extracts it into the dehumidifier.
2. As the humid air passes through the dehumidifier’s cooled coils which use condensation pulling moisture from the air. The collected moisture adheres on the coils and finally drips into the dehumidifier’s reservoir.
3. The dehumidifier reheats the air and exhausts it back into the room.


Rotary Desiccant Dehumidification (旋轉乾燥劑除濕)
The working technology of desiccant dehumidifier (乾燥劑除濕機的工作技術)
The desiccant rotor absorbs moisture in the humid air. The latter in the rotor is then evaporated by a heater and condensed through a condenser at room temperature.


Rotary Desiccant Dehumidification is Environmentally Friendly, because its technology uses no refrigerant.


Rotary Desiccant Dehumidification (旋轉乾燥劑除濕) has better performance at Lower Temperatures
The desiccant dehumidifier retains high dehumidification in its working range, while the compressor dehumidifier works poorly under 20°C or 15°C, at which point defrosting occurs.


Hybrid (Desiccant + Conventional) Dehumidification Air Conditioning: A Less Exploited Technology  


Hybrid Dehumidification (混合型除濕)- Combination of Desiccant & Compressor – Dehumidifier
The newly launched hybrid type dehumidifier integrates both compressor and desiccant dehumidification in a single unit, taking the best advantages of both technologies to enable optimum dehumidifying capacity year-round.


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