Glass-Top Electric Stove/Range

Glass-Top Electric Stove/Range





A glass-ceramic plate on top of an electric Oven

Glass-ceramic has very low thermal conductivity, a coefficient of thermal expansion of practically zero, but lets infrared radiation pass very well. Electrical heating coils or infrared halogen lamps are used as heating elements.  Because of its physical characteristics, the cooktop heats more quickly, less afterheat remains, and only the plate heats up while the adjacent surface remains cool. Also, these cooktops have a smooth surface and are thus easier to clean, but are markedly more expensive.

The Pros and Cons of Buying a Glass-Top Electric Stove/Range


  1. Glass Top Electric Stoves/Ranges Are Easier to Clean
  2. Red Light Warning Indicator for Hot Burners
  3. Glass Top Stoves/Ranges Look Elegant and Chic
  4. The Flat Surface Can Be Used as a Countertop


  1. The Flat Surface Can Be Used as a Countertop
  2. Glass Top Electric Stoves/Ranges Can Be Scratched, Cracked and Broken
  3. Not All Cookware Is Suitable for Use on This Type of Stove/Range
  4. Glass Top Electric Stoves/Ranges Require a Special Cleaner/Polisher


Cooking egg on glass stove top




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