Bonding material – Ready-to-use mortars

Bonding material – Ready-to-use mortars


Artificial Stone Mortar

ARTIFICIAL STONE MORTAR is a special blend of Portland Cement, specially graded aggregates and additives designed to be used when installing a variety of manufactured and natural stone veneers. buttonViewDetails_orange

▸ Applying manufactured and natural stone veneers
▸ Grouting manufactured and natural stone veneers


Ready-to-use mortars

  • Empire Blended   empire
  • Hanson   hanson_transp
  • Sakrete    Sakrete_transp
  • Kikrete   kikrete
  • etc.

Stone Veneer Mortar (SVM)

SPEC MIX Stone Veneer Mortar (SVM) is a specially formulated mortar for use in the installation of adhered masonry veneer
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